Acute Liver Failure (ALF) is a rare but devastating condition, defined as the rapid loss of liver cell function without any prior history of liver indications. In many cases, liver transplant is the only lifesaving option. BreathID® has shown to be a useful tool for predicting ALF progression. It can drastically improve on the current clinical and laboratory tests of patients, typically monitored in the Intensive Care Unit.

ALF patients represent some of the most challenging cases in terms of the level and complexity of care required. Successful care of the ALF patients begins with early diagnosis and triage to the appropriate level of care. A multitude of specialties are required to work together to maximize the chance of recovery and/or extend the window of opportunity for transplant. BreathID® has been shown to accurately monitor the liver’s metabolic function, and help predict chances of recovery. Testing is safe and noninvasive, and predicts the rapid need for liver transplant, or probability of recovery.

Collaboration with ALF Study Group, to use BreathID® for Monitoring Patients with Acute Liver Failure

Exalenz is collaborating with the Acute Liver Failure Study Group (ALFSG), to use BreathID to monitor patients with acute liver failure. The study investigates the capacity of BreathID® in predicting the outcome of 200 ALF patients, over a period of two years at 12 sites in the USA. The study is supported in part by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), an NIH Institute.



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