Non-invasive Liver Function Diagnostics

BreathID® hurdles the challenge for actively assessing ongoing real-time liver function.
Based on advanced molecular analysis of the patient’s exhaled breath, our simple-to-use testing solution diagnoses and monitors a wide range of liver conditions, noninvasively and cost-effectively. BreathID® is a fast, efficient, and accurate solution that potentially enables medical professionals to provide better patient care.

Extensive research with BreathID®

Exalenz BreathID® has been extensively used in an array of clinical trials, with continued studies underway to further establish its diverse practical applications. It is safe and well tolerated by patients, and has shown to be practical in defining degree of liver disease severity and prognosis as well as an efficient non-invasive tool for monitoring disease progression. Exalenz Bioscience is committed to being the industry leader of diagnostic and monitoring solutions that revolutionize treatment and improve patient care.


There is a growing need for a simple non-invasive diagnostic system that accurately scores Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) and monitors disease severity. NASH is a major cause of acute liver dysfunction and dramatically increases the risk of cirrhosis, liver failure and hepatocellular.

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Noninvasive prediction of Clinically Significant Portal Hypertension (CSPH) can be pivotal for liver function diagnosis and monitoring. Because CSPH is the most common liver indication that accounts for significant levels of morbidity and mortality, Exalenz is committed to revolutionize CSPH diagnostic procedures.

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Acute Liver Failure (ALF) is a rare but devastating condition, defined as the rapid loss of liver cell function without any prior history of liver indications. In many cases, liver transplant is the only lifesaving resort. BreathID® has shown to be a useful tool for predicting ALF progression. It can drastically improve on the current clinical and laboratory tests of, typically monitored in the Intensive Care Unit.

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Liver function diagnostic

Exalenz offers a complete solution for real-time diagnostics
and monitoring for a wide range of liver conditions.

Fast testing, accurate diagnostics:

  • Safe, noninvasive, easy, and efficient
  • One-touch operation with immediate results
  • Convenient for staff and patients

Available in Europe and other countries for diagnostic monitoring of the liver and Gastric Emptying Studies. Download Brochure

Breath ID


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