Immunocard® C. difficile GDH

A rapid, sensitive enzyme immunoassay for the detection of Clostridium difficile antigen (GDH) in stool specimens.

Catalog Number: 716050

Definitive answers, confidence in results

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Definitive answers, confidence in results

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“For our CGI lab diagnosis, we selected ImmunoCard® GDH as an initial screen -- given its high NPV -- followed by Alethia, as our routine method of choice. The fast results enable us to report back to the clinician very quickly so that both therapeutic and patient isolation/no-isolation decisions can be made appropriately. Prior to bringing on ImmunoCard GDH and Alethia, we deployed QCC + PCR, and before that, VIDAS A + B was used. Alethia has proven to be superior in turnaround time and accuracy compared to both of the previous approaches.”

Dr. JM Senterre

CHR Citadelle Liege, Belgium


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